CBS Music Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament Choir & Orchestra
10  Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament Organs

3 Historic Organs

Cathedral Organ Halmshaw & Sons 1878

Installed first in the former Church of the Blessed Sacrament, and from 1904 in the Cathedral, (first in the northern gallery transept, next in a corner of the west gallery, then in the centre) the main organ has been kept in substantially original condition. During a sensitive restoration by the South Island Organ Company in 1977-8, 4 new pedal stops were added, but the layout and appearance of the instrument is virtually unchanged. It has bright, clear tonal qualities, enhanced by its placement. Although little is known of the makers, they were obviously good craftsmen following traditional design practices, and the resulting organ is adaptable to a wide repertoire.
Great O. Diapason 8’, St. Diapason 8’, Dulciana 8’, Principal 4’, Twelfth, Fifteenth 2’, Mixture IV, Trumpet 8’
Swell Bourdon 16’, O. Diapason 8’, St. Diapason 8’, Principal 4’, Fifteenth 2’, Mixture IV, Horn 8’, Oboe 8’ (encl.)
Choir St. Diapason 8’, Dulciana 8’, Wald Flute 4’, Celestina 4’, Cremona 8’ (unencl.)
Pedal O. Diapason 16’, Bourdon 16’, Principal 8’, Octave 4’, Mixture IV, Trombone 16’
Sw to Gt, Ch to Gt, Gt to Ped, Sw to Ped, Ch to Ped, Sw Trem. (1910) Ch Trem. (1978)

Cathedral Organ - Halmshaw (Birmingham) 1878

Earthquake Damage

At December 2012, the historic Halmshaw organ remained inside the ruined cathedral.

Decisions about its future are still to be taken.

St. Mary's Pro-Cathedral

While CBS Music is based at St Mary's Pro-Cathedral, the original pipe organ has been coupled to a 4 manual Rodgers Platinum digital organ, providing a versatile resource for accompanying, and a spectacular recital instrument.




Continuo Organ Unknown Maker e.g. 1825

The maker and early history of this intriguing instrument are unknown. Its original extended G keyboard compass and elegant carved decoration reflect eighteenth century practice. It was apparently bought in a Pimlico warehouse around 1905 by Christchurch lawyer and businessman T.G. Russell, who was moving from his original home now called “Holly Lea” in Fendalton Rd, to a new property on Papanui Rd, where the organ would grace an alcove in his study. On his death in Calvary Hospital in 1936, it was given to the nuns who had cared for him, and installed in their chapels. In 1969 it was moved to St Mary’s Anglican Church, Halswell, until purchased for the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in 1991, at which time it was placed upon a mobile platform, so that it could be moved anywhere downstairs to accompany singers or instrumentalists.
Great O. Diapason 8’, Claribel 8’, Dulciana 8’, Principal 4’, Flute 4’, Fifteenth 2’, Cremona 8’
Swell O. Diapason 8’, St Diapason 8’, Principal 4’, Hautboy 8’ (Vox Humana pipes)

Photos above from the concert for the NZ Organists' Association, 2003

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Voices & Organs
CBS Choir & Orchestra leader David Williams
organ Graham Hollobon
soloists Sue Densem, Ruth Close, Wally Enright, Eliot Woodruff
Musical Director Don Whelan

Graham Hollobon at the Halmshaw Organ (1878)
J.S. Bach Chorale Prelude Komm, Heiliger Geist
Joseph Haydn Great Organ Mass

Bevington Organ (1870)
J.C. Bach Organ Concerto in Eb

Continuo Organ (c.1825)
Joseph Haydn Little Organ Mass

Grant Bartley Assistant Organist 2003 - 2009

St. Mary's Pro-Cathedral

NZ Organists' Association Congress Recital 2016




Sanctuary Organ Bevington, London, 1870

Erected in 1870 in the original St Mary’s Merivale Anglican Church, this organ was to become the first instrument in the new Oxford Terrace Baptist Church on its completion in 1880. In 1915 it was transferred to Kaiapoi Presbyterian Church, and then in 1976 it was bought by the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament Choir and mounted on wheels in the sanctuary gallery, from where it could be moved to either end of the southern gallery. It is in virtually original condition, with a short flat pedal board.
Manual O. Diapason 8’, St. Diapason 8’, Dulciana 8’, Principal 4’ (encl. except O.D.)
Pedal Bourdon 16’ (13 pipes, permanently coupled to manual)

Earthquake Damage

At December 2012, the historic Bevington organ had been winched out of the cathedral gallery, and taken for safe storage to the South Island Organ Company.

Decisions about its future are still to be taken.


Nicholas Dillon Guest organist 1999 - 2002

St. Mary's Pro-Cathedral

Nicholas Sutcliffe Associate Organist 2019 -