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  Cathedral Orchestra
The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament Orchestra consists of a nucleus of regular members, who accompany the Choir in monthly orchestral Masses, together with almost all feast days, special events, and concerts, for which appropriate rehearsal is needed. Frequently, the orchestra is heard in its own right, playing instrumental music often written for a chamber orchestra of that nature. Usually, the organ is an indispensable addition. The Cathedral Orchestra was acclaimed for its part in tours to Australia, Europe, the Americas, Asia, Ireland and the U.K, and invariably participates in all such ventures.

Handel Messiah in Rome, Dec. 1999


International touring began in 1988, with a week-long tour of concerts and Masses in the Australian Catholic Cathedrals of Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Then over a six-week period from December, 1990 into January, 1991, a highly successful European tour involved a performing group of 70 singers and orchestral players accompanied by 65 supporters as they presented Masses and concerts in San Francisco, Westminster, Dublin, Paris, Chartres, Aachen, Dusseldorf, Leipzig, Dresden, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Venice, Florence, and Rome. For this tour, substantial funding support was received from the Lottery Grants Board, and the group was given government recognition as cultural ambassadors.
A second international tour, held during a five-week period from December 1994 into January 1995 involved 35 singers, 24 orchestral players, and 44 supporters. Concerts were given in the Cathedrals of St Petersburg, Berlin, Dresden, Munich, Lucerne, Barcelona and Toledo. A joint performance with the Russian chamber choir Zlatoust was presented in Moscow’s Sheremetev Mansion, and the tour concluded with a concert in St-Chapelle, Paris. Mass was performed in Prague Cathedral on Christmas Day, in Milan Cathedral on New Year’s Day, and in St Hedwig’s Cathedral, Berlin, and Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris. A second Australian tour during June-July 1996 took 75 to Melbourne, Bendigo, Canberra, Goulburn and Sydney.
The arrival of the new millennium was celebrated with another world tour from 10 December 1999, till 16 January 2000, which included visits to historic sites with Handel’s Messiah in Egypt, the Holy Land, Turkey and Italy, as well as a concert tour of Europe. Performances were given in the cathedrals of Florence, Venice, Eisenstadt, Cologne, Haarlem, Brussels, and London. Haydn’s Theresienmesse was performed at the Epiphany High Mass in Vienna Cathedral, and 80 members of the touring group were invited to lead the singing in St Peter’s for the Papal Christmas Midnight Mass to inaugurate the Holy Year of Jubilee.
A third Australian tour during September 2001 took 55 to Adelaide, Ballarat and Melbourne.
A fourth international tour, occurred in December 2005, when the choir and orchestra performed in cathedrals and major churches in Santiago, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Cuzco, Lima, Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Toronto and Montreal. Christmas was celebrated in St Patrick’s Cathedral, New York, and the tour concluded on New Year’s Day with Mass in Montreal Notre Dame Basilica, a concert, and Vespers in Montreal Cathedral. A fourth Australian tour to Sydney, Southport and Brisbane, involved a chamber choir and orchestra in September, 2007. During December 2009 and January 2010, the fifth CBS international tour took 36 singers, 15 players, and 14 supporters via San Francisco’s St Mary’s Cathedral to performances in the Baltic States: Tallinn, Riga, Kaunas and Vilnius, and through Frankfurt to the cathedrals of Lisbon, Seville, Granada and Malaga.
A sixth international tour to Asia, during September and October 2012, involved 20 singers, 12 players and 7 supporters performing in the cathedrals of Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Kyoto, concluding in St Ignatius Church, Tokyo. A fifth Australian tour travelled to Melbourne in September, 2013. CBS travelled on its 7th international tour to Ireland and the United Kingdom during June and July, 2015, performing in the cathedrals and major churches of Los Angeles, Chelmsford, Westminster, Dublin, Kilkenny, Killarney, Galway, Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, York, Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham. A sixth Australian tour visited Sydney in November, 2017.


UK-Ireland Tour 2015

Los Angeles Cathedral

L.A. Space Shuttle

Disney Concert Hall

Chelmsford Cathedral

Ingatestone Hall

Westminster Cathedral

St Mary's Pro-Cathedral, Dublin

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

Dublin Dancing

Glendalloch Monastic Tower

St Mary's Cathedral Kilkenny

St Mary's Cathedral, Killarney

Ring of Kerry

Clare - Medieval Banquet

Galway St Nicholas Collegiate

Knock Pilgrimage Shrine

Giant's Causeway

St Peter's Cathedral, Belfast

Kelvingrove Art & Organ

St Aloysius, Glasgow

St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh

St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

Jedburgh Abbey

York Minster

York, St Wilfrid's Church

Leeds Cathedral

Christ the King Cathedral, Liverpool

Newman Oratory, Birmingham

St Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham

Birmingham Farewell Party

































Asia Tour 2012

Hong Kong Park

Forbidden City, Beijing

Beijing Cathedral

Beijing Temple of Heaven

Beijing Long Walk

Beijing Calligraphy Class

Beijing Summer Palace

Beijing Egg-Heads

Seoul Reception

Seoul Cathedral

Nagasaki Museum

Nagasaki Cathedral

Hiroshima A-Bomb

Hiroshima Cathedral

Shinkansen Travel

Kyoto Cathedral

Tokyo Mass

Tokyo Concert























Europe Tour 2009-10
San Francisco Cathedral

Bus Travel

Tallinn Church
Riga Mass
Riga Cathedral
Hill of Crosses
Kaunas Concert
Trakai Castle

Vilnius Mass
Vilnius Concert
Christmas Party
Wedding Party
Frankfurt Concert
Frankfurt Mass
Fatima Basilica
Estrella Basilica
Mosteiro Mass
Lisbon Cathedral
Seville Royal Chapel
Epiphany Parade
Magdalena Mass
Cordoba Cathedral
Granada Cathedral
Malaga Cathedral



























Americas Tour 2004-5

Santiago - the Fish Market

Buenos Aires - Tango Evening

Sao Paulo - Cathedral Concert


Sao Paulo - Sao Bento Concert
Rio de Janeiro - Cathedral Mass
Rio - Candelaria Concert
Machu Picchu - Inca City
Cuzco - Cathedral Concert
Cuzco - Seal of the City
Lima - St Domingo Concert
Washington - National Shrine
Washington - Embassy Concert
Philadelphia - St John's Concert
NY St Patrick's Cathedral Mass
New York Hotel - by Macy's
NY Holy Trinity Christmas Eve
NY Holy Trinity Midnight Mass
NY Hotel - Christmas Party
New York - Santa Claws
Toronto - St Paul's Basilica
Montreal - Metro
Montreal - Notre Dame Mass
Montreal - Chapelle Concert
Montreal Cathedral Vespers


Australian Tours
Melbourne Visit 2013

Mass at St Francis Church, Lonsdale Street.

Solemn High Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral